H&T.com now owns 36 powerful Horse-Industry Search Engine Keyword Terms!  

  It is a huge marketing idea, brand-new technology and it cost a small fortune...

  but was worth the expense for the keyword purchases because it is extremely

  effective!  We have had tremendous results!  And the traffic will continue to

  pour in at increasing amounts each month!

  How Search Engine Keywords work in the upgraded browser:


All of the major (& many minor) search engines have an exclusive

agreement with "WindowPosition" Company.  WindowPosition

benefits the public with an Upgraded Keyword Browser, allowing

surfing by "keywords"!  Millions & Millions (16 million & increasing

hourly) have already upgraded their browsers (aprx 17%!) and are

using it to find main websites of their interest, simply entering

keywords.  If entered into the search engine search-bar, then the

keyword takes you to the list of high-ranking websites in any given

subject, but what's new is... the website that owns the keyword term

is then viewed in a 2-1/4" tall window (called an "I-Window") of their actual website, at the top of the high-rank list.  The website can be easily

accessed by a mouse click on the website!  Instantly that viewer is now

looking through that website!  When entered into standard area -- "the address-bar" of the browser, it goes directly to the website that owns the keyword term!  Bringing in a lot of traffic to view your horse-related

business, products or horse for sale!


  What it means to HoofandTails.com advertisers:


All of the 36 terms that H&T owns are cornerstones of the horse market

and horse-industry!  Not only do they bring a lot of horse people in

general to H&T.com, but also into specific categories, such as eques-

trians looking to buy horse ranches, barns, trailers, gifts, services, etc.,.

  Here's the very powerful list of Horse-Industry Keywords owned by H&T.com:

    1. Horses
    2. Ranches
    3. Horse Ranches
    4. Horse Breeding
    5. Horse Tack
    6. Horse Saddles
    7. Horse Blankets
    8. Dude Ranches
    9. Dude Ranch Vacations
    10. Ranch Vacations
    11. Equine Insurance
    12. Horse Trainers
    13. Horse Training
    14. Horse Barns
    15. Horse Trailers For Sale
    16. Used Horse Trailers
    17. Used Tractors
    18. Pole Barns
    19. Farm Equipment
    20. Horse Equipment
    21. Horse Riding
    22. Horse Lover Gifts
    23. Horse Jewelry
    24. Breyer Horses
    25. Rocking Horses
    26. Cowboy Hats
    27. Western Boots
    28. Arabian Horses
    29. Paint Horses
    30. Quarter Horses
    31. Horse For Sale
    32. Quarter Horses For Sale
    33. Paint Horses For Sale
    34. Horse Magazines
    35. Horse Lover
    36. Horse Shows

  Internet Marketing

Besides the Search Engine Marketing that H&T.com has employed;

HoofandTails.com also has other internet marketing! 

H&T.com is listed on all of the major search engines & aprx. 850 directories and

search engines world wide! SEO & SEM experts are frequently implementing

s.e. strategies to HoofandTails.com's system!

We also have affiliated sites that have links directly to HoofandTails.com and

will continue to get hundreds more affiliated sites through our new & highly-

engaging affiliate program!

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